The Foundation for the Civilly Disadvantaged multidivisional format is a simple, straightforward approach that offers a distinct organizational structure and advantages. In the FCD’s multidivisional structure, there's one parent company that consists of a number of different divisions operating separate not-for-profit causes, programs or projects under the FCD’s 501(C)()3 Public Charity status. Legally, the FCD owns all of the divisions, but the FCD as the parent company gives the divisions significant autonomy, which allows them to act independently of the parent company. The FCD corporate office is at the top of this structure and delegates both daily operations and program strategies to each divisional manager, Ambassador or appointee. Every unit functions as its own division, complete with its separate staff and Supervising Manager. In some cases, the FCD functions only to fund the divisions and offer guidance regarding organization-wide strategies. The general goal of this approach is to maximize the FCD’s charitable service to people and communities, that are in need, in the United States and around the world. Giving does good and feels good, and it is a beautiful thing when the federal government rewards people and businesses who are generous with their donations. Donating to the F C D allows you to choose where your money goes in order to improve lives, communities and society as a whole. While most people simply pay taxes and let the government choose where the money should be spent, people who donate to charities take a more active role in deciding where their charitable dollars should be invested. for your efforts, you can enjoy the added benefit of paying less on your taxes. If you are considering taking advantage of the charitable donations tax deduction, please consider one of the FCD’s programs or donate to the FCD in general. The F.C.D. is a Florida based, nonprofit public charity corporation, granted its 501(c)(3) public charity tax exempt (EIN 80-0362345) status by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. All proceeds go toward the administration of the Foundation for the Civilly Disadvantaged, Inc. charitable programs. Donations and gifts are tax‑deductible to the extent the law allows.

United States Institute of Applied Knowledge

 The USI is an Educational Public Charity create by Professionals for Professionals that service non-college bound Professionals, Executives and US Military Veterans. The Purpose of the United States Institute is to provide non-college bound adults with an opportunity to leverage their experience and skills needed to advance themselves and compete successfully in today’s professional marketplace, and maximize their employment opportunities. We believe that the knowledge learned through life experiences allows each individual to leverage that knowledge and apply it to their advantage. The USI issue Bachelor and Master level Advanced Professional Certificates base on an applicant’s professional and educational experience gained over their professional life time and offers “free of cost” Bachelor and Master level Advanced Professional Certificates to US Military Veterans. The Veteran’s sponsorship program is supported financially by the USI, individuals, groups, corporations and the business community in general. The USI is not a teaching Institute and does not issue diplomas. It is governed by an Award Committee. The Awards Committee is jointly constituted and considers applicants for all Bachelor and Master level Advanced Professional Certificates. Advanced Professional Certificates are the fastest growing form of education today. Many colleges and universities (such as Harvard) and educational organizations grant some sort of Advanced Professional acknowledgement. The USI feels if you need to be taught, seek a teacher. On the other hand, if you feel you need professional accomplishment recognition, please go to them. "

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